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Check out this used Taylor 12 Fret-GC-LTD in almost new condition.  It's from the extremely rare Spring 2011 Limited Edition. 

There are 2 issues with this guitar: at the heel there's a small blemish under the laquer which has only an aesthecical effect, and the case is damaged.  The previous owner had stored the case (without the guitar) in the attic where it was attacked by mice.  The inside of the case is flawless, but the outside looks like it's been on the road for 35 years.

Further no digs, scratches or anything.  Frets are in perfect condition.  This guitar was rarely played by the previous owner, in fact just in one studio job after which he found out that he's not a 12 fret player.

This guitar was on the Taylor price list at $4995, here in Europe it would have been in the shop for about 4000 EUR.  Now offered at an exceptional price of 1990 EUR.  Buyer pays all shipping, please contact me for shipping quote ([email protected] or +32(0)473 52 69 48).


Exquisite details are found in the striking Macassar ebony Limited models. On this 12-Fret-GC-LTD, a back and sides of Macassar meet a cedar top braced with Taylor-designed 12-Fret bracing. Powers calls the tone "darker, warmer, and well-balanced," and says it will appeal to both the nuanced fingerstyle player and the strummer who favors a "woodsy" sound. Designed with a neck that meets the body at the twelfth fret, the distinctive geometry of the neck and bridge gives this guitar a touch of vintage sweetness. The 12-Fret Limiteds feature an edgeburst top, a bone nut and saddle, koa binding, a Macassar backstrap, a 900 Series abalone rosette, an inlay-free ebony fretboard, and a gloss-finish body.

Macassar ebony’s density produces strong, clear highs and lows, while a cedar top adds sparkling midrange tones.  Make it a 12-Fret and you’ve got yourself a guitar with remarkable character.  The lower bridge location of the 12-fret neck, together with the cedar top, yields extra warmth and woodiness.  Responsive to a light touch, this beauty is ideal for a serious fingerstyle player looking for a darker, richer tone.  Strummers will be inspired by the depth and sustain.  And it's no less visually inspiring, with Macassar’s beautiful variegation, koa binding, a slotted headstock, and an edge burst top.

Spring 2011 Limited Edition

12-fret Grand Concert model

Solid Cedar top, Solid Macassar Ebony body

Slotted headstock

Macassar backstrap (= the back of the headstock)

Figured Koa binding and back strip

Edge Burst top

Bone nut/saddle

Inlay-free Ebony fretboard