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Experience the joy of music with Sire
Sire envisions all generations of players to experience the joy of music through our instruments. We partnered with Marcus Miller and Larry Carlton, adopting their experiences in their legendary careers in making guitars built from their preferences.
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Marcus Miller jazz pick-up set applied with pickup gaps of 70’s Jazz basses.
US-made plain enamel magnet wire are used in neck pick-ups and US-made heavy fomvar magnet wire are used in bridge pick-ups. Vintage jazz bass sounds are completed with 70’s style pick-up gaps and different pick-up coil configurations.

Marcus vintage bridge a 60’s style bridge, screw type.
Features a Jazz bass bridge of basic form of 60’s style. With screw shape saddles, line spacings are adjustable and variations of sound depending on location of string can be received through body thru option.

The top quality new Marcus Miller 3band eq / preamp system.
SIRE’s 3-band EQ preamp is a new development for the Marcus Miller series bass in order to meet the needs of Marcus Miller’s versatility and to cover various styles of music.

body material: Swamp ash
body shape: new Marcus Miller jazz type
body color: Bright Metallic Red
neck material: 1 piece hardmaple
neck shape: C-shape
scale: 34"
fingerboard: hardmaple
fingerboard radius: 9.5”
frets: 20 medium
string nut: natural bone 46mm width
binding: 1 ply ivory
Inlay: pearloid block
neck joint: 4 bolt steel square plate
pickups: Marcus vintage jazz pickup set
electronics: Marcus heritage – 3 with middle frequency control
controls: volume / tone (dual pot) : pickup blender : treble : middle / middle frequency (dual pot) : bass, mini toggle (active / passive)
knob: jazz type black plastic
bridge: Marcus Miller modern-s
tuning gear: premium open gear
hardware finish: chrome
pickguard: Ivory Pearl