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With our new website we aim for a clear presentation of our assortment of left-handed guitars and basses.  In addition, you can now easily order a guitar or bass online by clicking the button 'Add to Cart'. Through the Shopping cart, you will be advanced in the order process.

1. Check the items in your shopping cart and push ‘Continue with order’.

2. Enter name and address - optionally you can specify a different shipping address - and go ‘Continue with order’.

3. Select the shipping method and payment method, then click ‘Confirm sale’.

- If you choose ‘Shipping’ automatically the applicable shipping costs will be added (you can find a list of shipping rates here).

- If you choose 'Bank transfer' you will receive the necessary bank details. If you select 'Paypal' you will be redirected to the Paypal site. Your payment can be made with your credit card or your Paypal account.

4. You will receive a confirmation email.

5. The instrument is carefully packaged and sent to you as soon as possible by UPS or alternative forwarder.

If a particular instrument is out of stock you can contact for more information.

Lefties only ?!

As a left-handed you have little or no choice in most guitarshops.  In general the choice in left-handed guitars and basses is limited to a couple of standard models.  Or you can only get your favorite instrument on order.  This way, for you as a lefty, it isn't easy to select an instrument that fits your style.  You want to try and to feel different guitars...

On top of this, the price of a left-handed guitar or bass is quite higher than that of the similar right-handed model.  LeftyGuitars wants to do something about this situation.  Our aim is to offer our left-handed instruments at the same price as the right-handed models or to reduce the price difference as much as possible.  

LeftyGuitars presents you an extensive assortment of left-handed guitars and basses in different price ranges.  Take already a look to our website.  And come to try them in the shop.  In the different category pages you'll find what's hanging actually in the shop.  

LeftyGuitars is an initiative of a lefty with a passion for guitars and basses.  For you I'm looking for interesting lefty guitars and basses at the best prices.  Take your advantage!

Thanks already for your visit to the site.