Top deals on following items with discounts from 100 EUR up to 400 EUR !!!

-400 EUR

  • Gretsch G6128TLH Duo Jet
  • Martin DC-Aura GT LH

-300 EUR

  • Fender American Std P bass LH

-200 EUR

  • D'Angelico Excel SS LH
  • Takamine DMP551C Wine Red LH
  • Fender Standard Jazz bass LH Black
  • Fender Bassbreaker18/30 combo

-100 EUR

  • Hagstrom Viking Black LH
  • LTD EC-100 FM ASB LH
  • Takamine GB30CE LH Acoustic bass Black
  • Vintage Icon LV74MRJP fretless
  • Fender Super Champ X2 head
  • Fender Blues Junior III Black
  • Fender Rumble 500 combo


Lefties only ?!

As a left-handed you have little or no choice in most guitarshops.  In general the choice in left-handed guitars and basses is limited to a couple of standard models.  Or you can only get your favorite instrument on order.  This way, for you as a lefty, it isn't easy to select an instrument that fits your style.  You want to try and to feel different guitars...

On top of this, the price of a left-handed guitar or bass is quite higher than that of the similar right-handed model.  LeftyGuitars wants to do something about this situation.  Our aim is to offer our left-handed instruments at the same price as the right-handed models or to reduce the price difference as much as possible.  

LeftyGuitars presents you an extensive assortment of left-handed guitars and basses in different price ranges.  Take already a look to our website.  And come to try them in the shop.  In the different category pages you'll find what's hanging actually in the shop.  

LeftyGuitars is an initiative of a lefty with a passion for guitars and basses.  For you I'm looking for interesting lefty guitars and basses at the best prices.  Take your advantage!

Thanks already for your visit to the site.